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Headquartered in the rapidly changing city of Chennai, India, we are a dynamic, multicultural team of designers, researchers and engineers who create compelling products and services for our clients around the world.


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World class design services are the core of our offer. This is completed by front-end research and back-end R&D, manufacturing and logistics. This end-to-end know-how ensures that our designs are both consumer focused and rationalised for manufacture.

We make things work.

Big picture

Deep understanding

Our research and design methodologies help our partners to lead rather than follow cultural change.

We are constantly in the field, immersed in people’s lives and realities, building a comprehensive ethnographic resource of everyday life in India and beyond.

Every outcome tells a story


Everything we create can be traced to and defined by insights generated during our research, making our solutions both intelligent and compelling to consumers.

Make In India

Our design and engineering capabilities together with our manufacturing facilities allow us to offer end-to-end services to local and International OEM clients.

Young company with heritage


VISAVIS has been founded by the Butterfly Group, the largest independent manufacturer and distributor of kitchen and home appliances in India with a legacy of over 30 years.

Through our group we have access to agile prototyping and manufacturing capabilities to provide turnkey solutions to our clients.

Vadivelan Kumaresan
Co-Founder and Director
Sivashanmugam Kumaresan
Co-Founder and Director

Our approach


Our thinking and creativity comes from immersing ourselves in the real-life world of our consumers using a suite of tools centred around ethnographic research. Our professional filmmakers capture peoples everyday lives, identifying their needs by analysing their actions and naturally occurring behaviour. Our mobile ethnography platforms optimise this methodology, allowing our partners to share their observations and insights, revealing unarticulated needs and reframing everyday situations in fresh new ways.

We use these learnings and inspirations to develop design principles and creative frameworks, which underpin even our most subtle design decisions. These create compelling and engaging narratives which accompany our solutions throughout their implementation and become integral to their marketing and communication.

Our international team and our presence in India, Europe and Asia allows us to draw on best practices and influences from around the world. We leverage our ethnography methodologies across these regions to deliver deep cultural understanding and meaningful innovation.

This approach is integral to all our initiatives including:

  • Ethnographic Research
  • Product Design
  • Transportation Design
  • Service Design
  • Interaction Design
  • Branding
  • Packaging
  • Communications
  • CAD Sculpting
  • Design Engineering
  • Manufacturing
  • Logistics

Global perspective

Local focus

With our centres in Asia and Europe, we connect Indian organisations to world markets and global business to Indian consumers.

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Design Manager
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